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Team 2

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[28 Sep 2005|03:33pm]

well, hi to the members of team 2. it looks as though a post hasn't been made in AGES, and so I thought I'd change that. so, what's everybody up to?
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[09 Jan 2005|10:05am]

Well.. I know we're the Lazy Penguin.. So we'll try and work out how we can win with 'minimal' effort. Now. Team Cubed won last time with 75 points. So in theroy we need about 100 to snatch it.. more is welcome.

So, let me ponder this we have 9 members.
100 / 9 = 11.11111111
A reminder for the ways to earn points

Referring someone to the community who gets accepted = 1 point.

When accepted, coming up with a good application question = 2 points.

Making a discussion post where members can talk about their opinions and such = 2 points.

A picture post = 2 points.

Posts containing personal artwork, be it Photoshop or pencil/pen work = 2 points.
If your post contains both pictures and artwork, you get 3 points, not 5.

Making graphics for the community = 2 points.
If we like them.

Participating in weekly themes from teams = 4 points.

Participating in daily/weekly/monthly themes from mod's = varies.

Sometimes the mod's will have random photoshop contests. Doing them = 5 points.

Every 3-4 weeks we will have scavenger hunts. Doing the scavenger hunt = 6 points.

Winning the scavenger hunt = 10 points.

If you cause drama in the community, each comment will lose your team 1 points!

Missing voting for 5 application in a row loses your team 3 points.
If you miss 10 applications in a row, you will be kicked from the community and be forced to reapply.

So At 11.111 points each. So, Make 3 Graphics, thats 6 points. Particpate in the weekly theme, one picture post. Do the Scavenger hunt.

**counts up on his fingers**

6 + 16(weekly,4*4) + 2 + 6 = 30,

30 * 9 = 270.. In one month.

However, If the weekly theme pertains to being weekly and all 9 members partipcate thats 4*4*9 = 144.

So I think this weeks Team Target should be to have each member partipapte in each weekly theme.

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[02 Dec 2004|10:46am]

I like to set goals for my self -
So, I'm setting a goal on how many points I can occur, Ofcourse this is dependent on the amount of tasks I can actulay participate in.

For example, Cross Dressing? I have no problem with, A picture of me in drag on the internet and explaning to my parents what I'm doing in drag and why I want ot put the picture on the internet for 4 points? when I can write 2 articles with alot less stress and nail that amount of points, meh .

So . 4 articles, 3 accepted members due to promotion - Not sure how many points you get for an accepted person, so thats like 15 points? if it's only 1. (mummbles), I may even make some graphics. If I get really bored I'll work on some of my art and post some of that too.

And I'll cause no Drama thus, losing my self no points.

So my target for this month is 20 points

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Team Name [06 Nov 2004|04:12am]

Well, me and Jason (and oodles of HD peoples) were talking Via AIM. Me and Jason thought up the name "Team Lazy Penguins" Si? No?
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[02 Nov 2004|11:57pm]

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